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Our Story

KSL started with three close friends and avid trainers 

The idea came about when we got sick of trying pre workouts, which had illegal ingredients in them because of their negative side effects such as jitter, crash and no sleep. We then set a challenge to ourselves, which was to make the perfect pre workout, one, which will give you the rush and focus without using any illegal ingredients.  

The experiment with different ingredients began. Sourcing individual ingredients from around the world and mixing them together to see what the effects were, after a year and half we found the perfect stack. A stack that had some of the best form of nootropics for mental focus that lasts all day and energy boost with amazing pump. All without no crash or jitters. (The killer STACK)


NEXT challenge was to take this out to market. We all agreed that this killer stack needs a killer style of packaging and what better packaging to choose than a gold shaped killer bullet.

Since then we have Partnered with retailers from Europe, Turkey and the middle east. 

The best thing is we haven't even started...