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KSL 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate

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(50 servs)

  • Maximise muscle mass
  • Supercharge your strength
  • Faster recovery between workouts

Gain simultaneous muscle and strength with Creatine Mono. 


Creatine is proven to boost your strength and muscle size by acting on your body’s ATP energy system. Any form of training which requires short, sharp bursts of strength and power will feel the power! From resistance training to sprinting, Creatine Mono has got you covered.

Monohydrate is the purest, highest-quality form of creatine around - the form most studies are based on. With Creatine Mono, you know exactly what you’re fuelling your muscle gains with. Although creatine helps you hit new PBs, it is also anti-catabolic and increases your muscle cell diameter. 

Let the gains begin!